All Competition competitors must prepare
  1. Three art songs in three different languages  
  Two art songs of the competitor’s choice
One Korean art song chosen from the following list. The song should be sung in Korea.
(Semifinalists must sing one of the following pieces. The music score will be sent out to the competitors
who pass the Preliminary Round by December 31, 2018)

• Female: Gang Geonneo Bomi Odeut(Spring Approaches from across the River) by Geung Soo Lim
Gopunguisang(Traditional Attire) by Isang Yun
Bimok(Wooden Cross at an unknown Soldier’s Grave) by Ihl Nam Chang
Sin Arirang(New Arirang) by Dong Jin Kim
Chueok(Memories) by Soung Tai Kim
• Male: Gidarineun Maeum(A Longing Heart) by Ihl Nam Chang
Baetnorae(Boat Song) by Du Nam Cho
Sanchon(Mountain Village) by Du Nam Cho
Seonguja(Pioneer) by Du Nam Cho
Cheongsane Sallira(To Live in the Green Mountains) by Yeon Jun Kim

2. Seven opera arias in at least three different languages
  Six opera arias of the competitor’s choice
  One opera aria from Baroque period to W. A. Mozart

  One art song  
One opera aria
2nd Stage
  Two opera arias  
  Two art songs (One of the Korean art songs listed above must be included)  
Two opera arias (One opera aria from Baroque period to W. A. Mozart must be included)
  Two opera arias with the orchestra
Competitor will choose one opera aria of the competitor’s choice and the jury will assign one opera aria
from the repertoire list you submitted to Secretariat of the competition.

  1. No work can be repeated during the First, Second, Semifinal, and Final Rounds. Only an opera aria
assigned by the Jury for the Final Round may be a repetition of works performed in a previous round.
2. All works must be performed from memory.
All works must be performed in their original languages. Key changes are not permitted in opera arias.
4. All opera arias containing “recitative” and “cabaletta” must be sung in their entirety.
5. For all rounds, the order of the works for performance will be decided by the competitors.
6. Changes in the submitted repertoire of all rounds may be made only with the permission of the
Secretariat. Competitors must notify the Secretariat of any changes in writing no later than January 11, 2019.
7. Every round of the competition is open to the public.